Relieve and Recovery CBD Body Butter

Relieve and Recovery CBD Body Butter

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We believe all products, including those with cannabis, should be made with organic ingredients that are ethically grown. We ensure our sourced ingredients are certified organic and are products of the United States, Canada, and if grown elsewhere, fair-trade certified. our cannabis is organic from farms in Colorado and Oregon. With respect for our planet, every one of our business decisions is made with sustainability in mind. Our packaging is either 100% recycled or biodegradable.


With each creation we handcraft, we hope to eliminate any preconceived notions, fear or stigma about cannabis. allowing them to be approachable to all users regardless of experience or lifestyles, whether they are long time cannabis aficionados or completely new to the extraordinary power of the cannabis plant.


Relieve and Recover 


Whether it’s a cramp in the neck, back pain, soreness in your legs, or arthritic pain in your hands, this cbd body butter is meant for anyone trying to alleviate common physical tensions we accumulate throughout our day.  If you are looking for a topical to relieve your inflamed muscle aches and arthritic joint pains, then our relieve + recover cbd body butter may be the right topical for you. Available in both scented with our special blend of essential oils  or unscented for those looking for more simplicity.


10 mg broad spectrum hemp extract per 1/4 tsp in either

100 mg broad spectrum hemp extract (0.5 oz) or 300 mg broad spectrum hemp extract (1.5 oz) sizes



Please be aware that all of our products are handmade in order of receiving them, to guarantee freshness.  We currently have around a 5 business day processing time for your order, so please take that in consideration when placing them for certain delivery dates.

Delivery is currently estimated at 3 - 4 business days for Domestic orders (USA). 

Storage once your product arrives

Make sure that somebody will receive the package as soon as possible to avoid being left melting outside the door or in a mailbox.

Keep chocolate wrapped in it’s original container and store in a cool, dry place at 60–70°F. a refrigerator works fine as well.  Not following these storage conditions will cause chocolate to "bloom," or develop a light-colored powdery surface on the chocolate, caused by sugar or fat crystals rising to the surface. when this happens, the chocolate is still safe to eat, but the texture will suffer. to prevent bloom, make sure the chocolate doesn't get too warm or experience extreme fluctuations in temperature.


We take great pride in our reputation for quality and excellent value. if at any time you are dissatisfied with a purchase, we’ll assist you with a prompt refund or credit.  Please let us know the reasons for your dissatisfaction coupled with your name, address, and phone number via e-mail to We will contact you to complete the exchange, return and credit process.

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